Tuesday, November 17

Simple yet Fabulous Headboards

I could blog everyday about beautiful bedrooms - my favorite room of the home. I have to limit myself as I would post twenty a day, if I had the time! I will try and bring you some of my favorites that you may have missed, or would love to see again! The rustic, highly textured one above is perfect with this simple yet stunning setting. Just add washed linen-linens for more texture.

Here is a simple wood headboard that can hardly be seen, but the real star is the homeowners own photography. Artwork is always one of my favorite highlights for above the bed.

What imagination! A homemade slipcover from printed burlap bags. Notice how simple all of the bedding is when you have such interesting focal points as the headboard or above.

Here is a simple white headboard, but with all of the fabulous wallpaper available now, why not use the wallpaper as an entire headboard wall? You could change this every few years without breaking the bank and have a whole new look each time.

Yet another simple white headboard, but with the gauzy hanging above the bed and the way the light reflects through the hanging wicker pendants, you have a totally romantic and exotic retreat.

How simply elegant is this? A classic canned French bed with both head and foot boards. I love how they have kept this so monocromatic that it allows each piece in the setting stand out on it's own.

Okay, so this one is not so simple! This fantastic Colonial style four poster canopy bed is so dreamy and exotic, I just had to include it! I can just feel the tropical breeze...


  1. Holy headboards, Batman! What a fantastic collection photos.

  2. Each one of these is just gorgeous! But then I wouldn't expect anything but exquisite taste from you, Leigh. I am so thankful to sleep every day in a bed made up with your fabulous linens...divine! xo Lidy

  3. I don't know which one I like the best . All these headboards are divine

  4. Thank you all! I just don't know when to quit, I have more elaborate ones coming up;-)

  5. beautiful! especially smitten with 4,5+6

  6. Thank you {g}! Do you think it's too soon to post more? Lol, I am such a bedroom junkie, I can never get enough! It is such an honor to have you all leave comments, it's what makes this fun...