Thursday, October 29

Jackie Von Tobel

What fun to find out that one of my favorite authors and designers lives right here in my city! Even more fun was actually getting together with her recently for lunch and learning more about her exciting career. Jackie Von Tobel has been in the design world for over twenty years, it was amazing how much we had in common from sewing at a very young age to testing out various areas of the design industry before settling on our passions.

She has done such various things as making wedding dresses, designing her own line of costume jewelry, running a successful business painting murals and decorative painting - to a full career as an interior designer. Then she became an author! Her first book The Design Directory of Window Treatments published by Gibbs Smith, is an incredible design reference book that should be in every designer/design lovers library. Now she has another brilliant book, one that just called out to me - The Design Directory of Bedding. This is not just any book, it is 530 pages filled with knowledge, resources and my favorite - thousands of color hand illustrations by Jackie herself! It even comes with a CD-Rom with all of the illustrations in black and white line drawings, what more could you ask for?
The answer to that question is - a gorgeous new fabric collection by Jackie! How amazing is this woman? I don't want to spoil all of the fun of you finding out for yourself. I will post just a few teaser pictures and you can see for yourself why I am so excited! Her full website will be up soon, so please check out her blog in the meantime.


  1. Nice and fresh color palette... I will have to check out her website. I also like the idea of the bedding informtion on CD.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Good info Leigh!!!!! Something I should probably get for the shop!

  3. All for pleasant surprises!
    Love the peacock design, delightful.

  4. What a perfect match you two are! I love her fabrics and her blog!

  5. These are absolutely beautiful and I'm dying to get Jackie's books!

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