Saturday, October 24

Who me?

I just found out that my delightful friend and customer, Maryanne from Beadboard UpCountry has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! What was she thinking? Or drinking, one might ask;-) Anyway, I will try not to be intimidated and take the plunge... You are suppose to tell seven things about yourself that most people who read your blog would not know. Hmmm where to start?

My love for design might have started when I got my Barbie's Dream House in 1962. This picture is from 1964, but I played with that thing for years! I remember my favorite part was rearranging the furniture, much more than playing with Barbie, herself! Funny, I have been preparing for an upcoming post on doll furniture and especially the "Ideal Petite Princess Dollhouse Furniture", which I adored! I wonder how many of you bloggers of my age had the same experience? I'll post more about it soon.

Next, I would say that I grew up in Kansas City, of which I am very proud! There is amazing architecture and I was lucky enough to spend most of my years in this house, which looks kind of scary in the winter, but it was pure heaven to me! It was definitely the biggest design influence in my life. It was built by one the the first female architects in this country - Mary Rockwell Hook. What she did inside and out of that home in the way of details and pure imagination, really sparked mine and I would spend years marveling at them. I was planning on doing a post about her in the near future because she was so amazing.

Now, for my true mentors and best friends for my entire adult life. They were the best parents, role models, characters and I miss them dearly, since their passing. They were stylish without even trying to be, generous to a fault and dear to all that knew them. I remember taking this picture like it was yesterday (1974) and I apologize for obscuring the gorgeous marble fireplace that was in our dining room. My Mom and Granny (she lived with us) sewed many of our clothes and would surprise me often with a "bedroom makeover" where they had made new bedspreads and curtains and re-decorated my room, just for fun! I started sewing myself at an early age and stayed with it through high school. In fact my senior projects were a winter coat and an elaborate quilt!

My precious children who I live for, who have brought so much joy into my life! I would not be who I am at all unless I were to introduce them to you. Eric is 25 and Anna is 21, I am so proud of both of them for they are the sweetest, brightest, funniest, most loving children that I could ever have hoped for. I just can't get a good shot of both of them in the same frame! What delights me to no end, is that they love each other and are so close, choosing to hang out together.

If you visited my post on dogs, you will have met my new baby "Vivi", here she is with my handsome husband - Max! This was two years ago, but isn't it amazing how their coloring is the same? Max is Belgian and a very talented man. I will blog about him someday, too! These two keep me laughing everyday, even when I am feeling my worst - they always can cheer me up. This goes for the rest of my family and friends of whom I could not live without.

What you might also not know about me (unless you read my press page on my website) is that I used to do many things before I owned this company. I did not go back to work until both kids were in school and then I started out of my home doing all kinds of design related things. My biggest accomplishments came when I owned The Chandler Collection (my namesake company). I was the very first to import new (as opposed to antique) whole cloth quilts, known as Boutis starting in the early 1990's. They were all of the rage at the time and still very popular. I designed the first "smocked curtain" that were sold in the wholesale market. Even today if you google them if they aren't by The Chandler Collection, then they are copies of my original design. I was thrilled and honored to be asked by The Museum of New Mexico to do thier first textile collection. That was probably the most fun in designing I have ever had. Lastly, I have done over 40 private label collections for stores and catalogs - in bedding. This is not something you can post on your press page! OK, enough about me. Now I get to invite seven of my favorite blogs to do the same. I've tried to choose some blogs that I know haven't done this yet, but some I'm sure already have.

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  1. Leigh this was an absolutely delightful post. You and your family members surprised you with new bedrooms??????How fun was that? Your children are gorgeous as is the rest of your fanily.No one works harder then you (except me...HAHA)Thanks for the window on your life.:)And I wasn't drinking when I nominated you, but I was thinking about having a glass of wine....Really good wine...:)

  2. Bonjour...beautiful children...and your mother! Wow, gorgeous. Boy that Kreativ blogger award gets around...and I love where it lands. Enjoying your blog. Congratulations, Trish

  3. Leigh, it really is nice to know more about the "person" behind the blog... and your children are beautiful!

    I too had a Barbie house, but it was one that my mother made...she put real carpet and linoleum in it, a carport for the convertible and a baby grand in the living room! I loved the house and making clothes for her more than the doll itself... mine had the bubble hairdo...yuk!

  4. My Wonderful Leigh,
    How much more could I possibly adore you!!??
    This was a stunning and incredibly heartwarming journey into your world. Looking at your family and childhood and then your children, shows your legacy. Your love for your friends and design partners is something to be greatly admired. Your legacy is also so much more than you wrote about. The Chandler Collection.. and ofcourse being the brains behind Pom Pom Maison...
    You have been knocked off my so many many that could not possibly hold a candle to you..your grace and charm that is quietly behind the top selling catalogues and major department stores...I am amazed how humble the true icon of the Romantic Decor world is , and that you choose to fly under the radar...It is always a wonderful thing to call out a true star, and I am glad that more people are finding out.... who the true star designer is here....I think it's time we all give credit, where great is due. I'll drink to that!!

  5. Thank you so much! I guess as you get older you tend to travel down "memory lane" more and more often - I do at least. Maybe it's an escape from the bad economy or bad news from around the globe that we are innundated with each day. I did have fun writing this post, and thinking of what a beautiful life I have had and the riches, not in money but of family and friends who have been with me for the journey.

  6. I love this kind of post about bloggers where we know more about each other !!Your family looks beautiful

  7. aw Leigh... I've enjoyed reading your blog this evening. I about fell out of my chair when I saw your house! Mission Hills? Sunset Hills? Armour Hills? lol... I love the stone work. Your parents, your children, your man and your new dog... it was delightful to get into your world a bit. Thanks for sharing! Great photos!