Sunday, November 22

Head to Bed

I warned you I had a passion for the bedroom, so here are a few more elaborate designs and ideas from some of my favorite magazines. Also, as I have said before and apologize ahead of time - I have been clipping pictures for so many years and never thought to label them before, thinking they would be for my eyes only. Now, that I am sharing through blogging, I very carefully label the source before filing my favorites away! Unless I get distracted... The photo above is from Elle Decor, October, 2009. It is so stunning in every detail, I especially love the curvaceous upholstered headboard.

I love artwork above a bed! Plus the two mirrored screens and matching bedside tables. I'm not a matchy-match person in general, but in this case the symmetry is stunning!

Now this is what I call layering! From Cottage Style, this is either a very unusual placement for a bed or they are using a free standing antique fireplace as the headboard. Either way it is so much fun and I love the mixture of crystal and shells!

What a gorgeous antique bed! Is it by Thonet or in the Art Nouveau style? This is one of those cases where I clipped wildly not even noting the source, just knowing it was a work of art in itself!

This is what I call cocooning! From the minimalist leather panels to miles of silk enclosing the bed - just makes me want to crawl in and call it home.

Cool and sophisticated, this is rich mahogany paneling with cream suede upholstered panels. A gorgeous master bedroom retreat featured in Luxe Interiors & Design, fall issue 2009.

From Southern Accents - Our Most Beautiful Bedrooms issue, Summer, 2009. I couldn't agree more! This stunning antique Indian palampore (bed hanging) in a popular "Tree of Life" motif, makes this bedroom so serene and lovely. I love all of these bedrooms and each and every one of them lend themselves well to simple bedcovers. Imagine they could all be done with Papillon Linens;-)


  1. My personal fav, too. Something similar would look great in your lovely dark walled guest room!

  2. I know what you mean. I never kept up with who did the rooms I loved. And now it seems to be so important. I am still not doing it all the time for fear of messing up. Loved your collection of images.