Thursday, September 10

Best New Product Award!

I'm still unpacking from the NYIGF and ran across an award that our Dreamfit™ quilted sheet sets won! We were in the top three finalist for the Best New Product Awards with the Tencel fiber quilted sheets. These are the most amazing sheets and the only sheets I will ever use. There are two patented components in the design of these wonderfully soft, Eco friendly and beautiful sets. The first one being the technology that keeps the fitted sheet securely on any size of mattress and the other being the unique quilted decorative top sheet with the smooth flat sheet underneath.

I also wanted to thank my very good friend Denise Copp, for making us some of her fabulous custom trays! She will customize any shape, design/color combinations to suit your taste. We had her make us one with our own universal monogram on it and another for fun - Hotel le Papillon!

I was also thrilled to have my own "Papillon" french notebooks on hand to use as journals for business cards and notes on new customers. These are amoung literally thousands of great products from The Laughing Elephant, check them out!

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