Thursday, September 24

Amazing Blogs

I follow many blogs and I love them all, each with their own personalities and styles - just like all my old favorite magazines, some of which are no longer in existence. I have an unquenchable thirst for all things relating to beautiful homes and so I have decided to write about one of my favorite blogs. It is Cote de Texas and I know it is extremely popular and probably everyone already knows about it, but after yesterdays post, I just had to make sure that if you haven't yet discovered it, that you will now. It is an amazing post and quite long as far as posts normally go, but the story and all of the gorgeous photos just blew me away. It is about her top 5 design elements and I couldn't agree more with her about every single one of them. I am thrilled to know that she considers Linen to be in the top three! As you know, I sell all things linen - mostly white, ivory and natural and I have been pushing more colors lately. So if you want to add just a touch of color and linen to any decor check out our Ghent boudoir and decorative shams, and don't worry about the wrinkles;-)


  1. Yes, you have found the blogger of all bloggers! Joni is the best. Your photo is beautiful, Leigh. Hoping to get over to Beadboard Upcountry and buy some of your linens soon.

  2. Thank you Ann! As you know your blog is another of my very favorites! Having spent so much time in your area, you perfectly capture the spirit and beauty of the Hill Country House and beyond... I'm so flattered with your compliment!