Sunday, June 14

La Ville de Mille

I love how the blogeshpere works! You get to sit at home and see beautiful photos of others lives, families, homes, inspriations and musings. I just happen to find this great blog since they have Papillon Linens as an inspration!! Imagine how excited I was to find that someone from Norway liked my products enought to put a link to my site! I just spent half an hour going through this blog and I felt like I was there for a moment, in a country I have always admired from my early school days when learning about it. So much of the wonderful Scandinavian design that I love, the natural and simple way they approach design is almost organic. I hope they don't mind my borrowing these pictures that inspired me, thank you La Ville de Mille!


  1. Love this blog ! Thanks for making me know it

  2. Isn't is beautiful! I love the Scandinavian design and it's serene effect. Browsing through this blog takes me on a vacation! Thanks for you comment. Leigh