Thursday, June 25

Romantic Journey

I am particularly proud of my friend and customer Tammi Swanson! I am a strong advocate for creative and entrepreneurial women and she just knocks me out with all of her talents. She started out in the fashion industry of Paris, Tokyo, New York and LA where she was a successful model and fashion photo stylist. That is when she and her husband met. They have worked as a highly sought after and acclaimed photography team for nearly 14 years. For Tammi, her beautiful children are her muses. She is passionate about photographing children in a timeless, romantic fashion that to me has an ethereal quality. Tammi’s latest incarnation is the most charming collection of children’s clothing I have ever seen. This quote from her blog - “Opal Petit Clothier is inspired by the children in renaissance paintings and pale sea/sand colors” is perfect! She named the collection after her Grandmother and it just happens to be her birthstone, as well. Her heart is always in the right place - she wants to allocate a portion of her sales proceeds to go for a charity involving children. We are going to work on this and try and coordinate so that I can start this practice, as well. For a fantastic voyage, check out her many sites and you too, will feel the enchantment that I have. All photography, photo styling and clothing designs by Tammi Swanson.

PS I couldn't resist adding the three bottom shots of Tammi's daughter Mia Bella (one of her top models) playing here in her bedroom. Notice her bed is done entirely in Papillon Linens and the rest of the room is so beautiful!


  1. I see why her children inspire her, they are divine, herself included. Oh and the beds look incredible too! The entire shoot is tres magnifique!

  2. oh my! Now that I am a granmama, I will be going to see...the entire shoot is fabulous.
    xo Lidy

  3. Divine children, love these shots

  4. I know! Aren't these the most beautiful clothes and photgraphs! Tammi is so talented, keep up with her on her blog...