Thursday, May 21

Vintage crochet for our "Flanders" collection

I know many of you are sorry to see our "Flanders" collection change from what we have been offering for three years. However, now that I have made the commitment to make my collection here in the USA and not import from countries where I can't monitor or trust the entire process from start to finish, I have chosen to use only "vintage" crochets for my Flanders items. Not only is it reusing (recycling) something already made - usually by hand, but it adds to the romance and mystery when thinking of the talented women from the past that have made these lovely crochets to enhance a tablecloth, a pillow case, etc. I have sewn all of my life but never tried knitting or crochet. I don't think I would have the patience to spend hours on such delicate pieces of art! And that is exactly what I think of the hundreds of crochets that I have collected over the years just for the sake of their beauty. Now I will offer "one of a kind" or limited editions of shams, duvets, pillowcases and curtains in a customized fashion. You, my customer, can choose the color and size of crochet and the color of the linen in which to make these beautiful items. I have mostly small yardages in which to make shams, but I was fortunate enough to find unused rolls of hundreds of yards of the crochet from Germany that you will see in the following pictures. Also, a rack of just some of my treasures after I lovingly wash and dry them. There are some imperfections and some stains that would not come out, but I will always send pictures in advance and point out any small flaws. I personally think they add to the authenticity of their vintage nature. I have also been asked what I use on my own bed so often that I am including a picture of my "summer" bed.


  1. Leigh, these are stunning and scrumptious! I want them!

  2. Thank you, Tammi! Just let me know what size, color of linen and if you want our vintage flax colored crochet or if you want to chose from the smaller lots of vintage crochet!