Friday, May 15

Dreamfit in the blogesphere

One of our stocking dealers had a story in the Cool Hunting blog the other day. This will be the first published story about the Dreamfit quilted sheets! We have the exclusive right to sell these to designers, boutiques and other outlets that do not want to invest in stock and can order one set at a time to be dropped shipped directly to you or your customer. We are working on a sample kit for customers, but in the meantime, if you have an interested customer or would like to check them out - please contact me and I will send some samples. Sweet dreams;-)


  1. These look great! I'd love to know when the samples are available!

  2. Yes, these are the best sheets I have ever had! I do have samples, so please contact me at or call/fax with your address and I will send you some pillowcases. PS I love your blog!