Sunday, November 7

The Ups and Downs of Life

This time of year usually finds me in a more reflective mood, with the ancient desire to hibernate. Moving from hot to cold, outside to in, I am in an up and down kind of mood. I thought I would show you some beautiful staircases with something for everyone! I grew up in a home with a magnificent staircase in the entryway; I have a love for grand entrances!


  1. Leigh, you did have the grandest of stairways in your growing up home, although I never came through the front door all that often. Loved your home!

  2. Thank you Jenny! LOL, yes you were a neighborhood friend and that was who the sidedoor was reserved for! Most of the kid's friends came in that way! It was actually the French doors into the dining room and was closet to the kitchen, I think that had something to do with it;-) I just remember it was always open for friends!

  3. My dearest Leigh,
    You posted indeed very wonderful stairways!My favorite is that charming stair at picture 6! Oh I love it.
    Leigh I want to thank you for your lovely comment on my interview at the SRT! You are so sweet! And me too I hope to meet you some day! You really have to tell me when you visit Belgium again!
    I hope that everything is ok with you! And as you at this time of the year, I have my ups and downs!Here in Belgium we call this period :"The fall of the leaf"!
    A big hug!!

  4. Oh Greet! You've made my day! Thank you for your sweet comments, you really were wonderful on The Skirted Round Table!
    What an honor to be asked, as well. Yes, I think picture #6 is the most "Belgian" and probably my favorite, too. I am a sucker for libraries, old wood floors, arched doorways and all mixed with the modern Barcelona chair - makes my heart go faster;-) Also, I love your saying "The fall of the Leaf"! It is so perfect and I get it every year for just a little bit at the beginning of the weather change. Big hugs to you, too!