Saturday, November 13

Hands on Monet

I was lucky enough to see the impressive exhibition of Claude Monet's "The London" series, which resulted from three separate painting campaigns from 1899 to 1901 - about 20 years ago at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta. It was a wonderful experience and I just stumbled across a modern day exhibition that you can take from your own home! With new technology a wonderful web site with a very interactive element is here to coincide with the "Claude Monet (1840-1926)" exhibition, now showing at the Galeries Natioanales, Grand Palais. This is the most important exhibit in 30 years - covering a sixty year painting career with nearly 200 paintings! You don't have to make the trip to Paris to see it. If you have children, please be sure to share this with them, it is delightful! You need a little patients and I suggest playing your own music, sit back and explore a true genius!

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