Friday, August 20

Definitely NOT your Grandma's Wallpaper!

As I mentioned below, I had such a great time at the recent Las Vegas Market and so much was due to the wonderful people that own and run Postcards Home - the showroom where my goods are represented, and the other amazing designers I have met there. Wallteriors and the brilliant men behind the brand, Hector Romero and Christopher Obeji completely re-educated me that wall coverings could become three-dimensional works of art! I can't even begin to describe how gorgeous these completely handcrafted wall coverings are in person. Pictures just do not do them justice! For twenty-five years they have been developing wall surface treatments with the philosophy of being eco friendly, long before this was the trend! All of their products are made from recycled paper substrates and are created with no machinery or power tools. All of the paints and mediums are water based, have a 0 to low VOC's and are mixed by hand. They are based in Palm Springs, CA and not only use the desert landscape for inspiration, but also the dry climate for drying their goods once made.

They like to use the term "surfacing material" and want their clients to think of their creations as multi-use design tools, to be used in any manner of decoration. The products are being used as shades for lighting, beautifully adorning case goods and even being framed as art, just to mention a few creative uses. They have even teamed up with Diamond Head (see below) to add so many more possibilities than they were already offering - that it boggles the mind! You must visit their web site for a more clear understanding of all that they offer, from custom designs, colors, hand cut, hand torn, traditional rolls, squares, rectangles, even stained edges! You can even wipe the surfaces, if needed! With the renewed interest in "statement walls" and wall coverings in general - there couldn't be a better time or company to fill this need. PS These fellows are unmercifully funny and friendly, so take any opportunity you can to meet them!

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