Thursday, August 19

Bring a Little Bling into Your Life!

At the recent Las Vegas show, I had such a delightful time meeting some of the brilliant designers in our showroom! I have already done a post on my friend Jackie Von Tobel and her beautiful new line of textiles, so I thought I would introduce you to a few of the others I was so fortunate to befriend! I am so pleased to introduce Bree Cox and her astonishing line of upholstery tacks. The collection is appropriately called Diamond Head. Bree not only has model good looks, but she also practices meditation everyday and has for twenty years! You can tell, she is simply radiant with positive and creative energy. As an interior designer, she had an epiphany while in Hawaii in a spa... well, I can't tell you the whole story here, but best to show the results of this inspirational moment. She did come up with the perfect name in the shower the next day "isn't that where all the good ideas originate" she says! Of course, thinking of a hike on that famous Hawaiian landmark it came to her as another Divine gift.

After a year of research and incredible hard work, she launched her company and has even been issued a US Trademark. Her search led her to Europe where she worked with her manufacturer to create the perfect process to incorporate genuine crystals and stones into upholstery tacks! It had to be the power of her positive energy and thinking that led her to this manufacturer as they worked together to devise an ingenious way to work with such seemingly fragile things such as crystals, for something that is usually pounded in with a hammer like tool! I will let you visit her web site for all of the details. The uses for these are endless and we all know the imagination is boundless! Visit this website at Diamond Head Interchangeable Upholstery Tack -

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