Tuesday, December 8

Target and Liberty of London?

Breaking news: The prestigious Liberty of London is going into partnership with Target for a spring launch collection! This will include everything from home fashion, clothing and accessories for women and children to bicycles and garden equipment. Being the textile nut that I am, I have always thought of them first for their fabric designs and have purchased shirts for myself, when in London. These were made in Italy, hmmm... I wonder where the goods for Target will be made? The two pictures below are of my shirts. I have washed these at least 100 times over the years and they are still in perfect condition and the colors haven't faded one bit.

When doing research for this post, I ran across this from Beachbungalow8. She does such a great job of explaining the fabric and the store in general, that I will let you read about it there. (Besides what fun it is to see her archives from 2007!)

I also discovered a couple of new (to me) blogs that were fun to explore, the first being Hidden in France where I found the top photo of the stack of Liberty fabrics. The next one is True Up a must see for her coverage on the new Liberty Art Collection! Also a great blog for textile lovers!

I love this black and white, blown up version for bedding in my same shirt design - Ianthe. If this is anything like what we can expect from this merger, I will be a very happy shopper, indeed.

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