Wednesday, December 2

My Barbie and Ken Dreamhouses

I mentioned before in an earlier post, how much I loved playing with and arranging the furniture in my Barbie Dreamhouse in the early 1960's. I have become so nostalgic about everything these days, I thought I would try to see if I could find original images of the Dreamhouse and of other doll furniture I use to play with. Leave it to Ebay and Etsy and you can find almost anything from your past! I thought I would pick out a few rooms and items that most remind me of my dreamhouse and I found a bonus house - Ken's! Or at least a miniature version of a very cool cat's den. These are some photos I have gleaned from other blogs as they appealed to me in one way or the other, mostly from my "mid-century modern" file and my "color" file.

I would have to fight tooth and nail with Barbie over who gets to live here!

I would add a room divider like this one to separate the bedroom.

I love the peacock blue from the chair in the original dreamhouse, so I think this whole arrangement will work. Besides, peonies of any color are my favorites!

I have to have this throw in case there is a Barcalounger covered in Naugahyde lurking somewhere. Besides, Barbie could never be unhappy wrapped in this... PS Nothing against Barcalounger or Naugahyde, I'm sure they've "come a long way baby" since the sixties!

Ken and Barbie will have to fight over this artwork and vases, I think they would work in either space.

Now for "Ken's" turn or whoever this cool cat is, love his den! Look at this crazy wall!

Real life designer Doug Meyer made this really cool space.

And this one...

Okay, so now we know for sure that isn't Ken in the room above since this is his framed photo. We'll just have to use our imaginations as to whose house these accessories belong...