Wednesday, April 8

Young, Hip and Creative Designers - id 810 design group

I am thrilled to start a new addition to my regular news and other posts. This will beome a frequent place for me to publish about you - my customers, your store or for designers - your special projects featuring Papillon Linens, of course;-) I invite all of you to submit your stories and photos for this blog. It is with great pleasure that I introduce id 810 design group.

"At id 810 design group, our goal is to make our clients' homes a blend between luxury and comfort, innovation and practicality. Our designs adapt classical principles to modern day spaces. We know the importance of deadlines and budgets and sticking to them.
We pride ourselves on listening carefully to each individual's needs, working within each client's budget and specifying furnishings from "trade-only" to affordable retail products and making the two fit seamlessly. Whether you are a design savvy client who struggles pulling your different ideas together, or you are someone who doesn't even know where to begin, id 810 design group will help you focus your wants and likes into a cohesive style. Our main objective is to turn your house into your home and we want your home to reflect you. It should look like you designed it with a little help from us, not the other way around."

"This is a house that we designed in Westhampton Beach, NY - the clients are a young couple with a baby and they love entertaining, but since it's a summer home, we of course wanted to keep it a bit casual and carefree as well. It was also important that even though The Hamptons is typically a summer vacation spot, the house would be equally warm and cozy in the winter as it is comfortable and "beachy" in the summer. The husband has very modern taste, while his wife prefers more traditional furnishings, so we gave them a little bit of both with the Louis style chairs and the Parsons table (as a side note, we couldn't find a table in our price range that could seat 12, so we had our carpenter combine two Pottery Barn tables to give us the length we needed). This combination of styles, as well as the pops of coral color, continue throughout the home, which was especially important because the floorplan is very open and one room flows to the next. We are all thrilled with how the home is turning out - our next part of the project is the huge outdoor space which will have several seating areas including a firepit for chilly nights, an outdoor bed for lounging and several intimate seating areas."

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  1. OMG this is so gorgeous! Where do I sign up?