Wednesday, July 14

Luxury Camping - "Glamping"!

I was so surprised and excited when I read Tobi Fairley's blog the other day about this subject. There, as the first example was a project that I designed years ago for El Capitan Canyon, outside of Santa Barbara, CA. Right off the coast with the mountains at your back, this was Chumash Indian country and I used the motifs from cave drawings as inspirations for the furnishings for both cabins and safari tents. I knew it was popular when we first finished, since "The Today Show" had one of the safari tents with all furnishings - shipped to New York for a taping! I hadn't thought about it for years, but now I can see that since then it has been the subject of many articles on "Luxury Camping", and as the cover story for the same subject in Sunset magazine. Or the travel section of the LA Times. The cover story for Ventana-Fine Living in Ventura County, titled "Comfprt Camping" started like this "Don’t forget the marshmallows—or the Veuve Clicquot. The luxy digs and new spa cabin at El Capitan Canyon offer “campers” the best of both worlds."

I even discovered it on fabulous travel blog with really hip spots for the whole family! Ciao Bambina. which then led me to another really cool blog Vignette Design, with another story on tent living - You've got to see this one! I guess it is the triple digit temps here that made me long for my own summer camping days in the Colorado Rocky mountains.

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  1. Leigh you never cease to amaze me with things youve accomplished. Glamping, as in glamour camping? Why not? I never go anywhere without my valet, silver service and someone to draw my bath and lay out my clothes...(I wish)Hunting trips are all about cigars and gourmet food and bananas foster.....This makes sense to me........Maryanne xo