Wednesday, March 17

Going Green

I would be remiss if I didn't post something in honor of my Irish ancestry. Well, part of my ancestry anyway. Like most Americans I have an eclectic mix, but I do know about my green roots. I have to say that I tend towards the paler shades of green and the more blue in them the better, but for today I will try to stay true to the more traditional greens. Kelly, olive, emerald, lime, forest and just one turquoise since I love it! Of course, I like to tell my tales in bedroom pictures, so the below shots run from saturated in green or just the tiniest touch.

One of my favorite memories from childhood was getting my school supplies every year. My favorite thing was the big box of Crayola® crayons. I would spend hours arranging and rearranging the colors to suit my fancy. My favorite color of all was "Sea Green". As you can tell by my website - it is still my favorite color! I have added the link to the history of Crayola® colors, it's quite interesting. The photo above makes me really wish I were in NYC for today's celebration. How cool is this dining area in The Crosby Street Hotel?

This is one of their guest rooms. By the way, the hotel is very "green" environmentally speaking.

Again, I would be remiss if I didn't add one of my own designs to celebrate the day!


  1. I share your love of green - Happy St Patty's!

  2. Hi Leigh,
    Beautiful all these green touches!
    Beautiful post!

  3. Thank you my friends! I had so many more, but ran out of time! By the time I finished I was ready for my Irish whisky on the rocks;-)

  4. I love that mirror with the green leaf edges it's perfect, Happy (belated) Saint Pat's Day!

  5. What a beautiful and diverse selection of bed vignettes...

  6. Thank you for commenting! I always try and find a variety of styles, not just my own. I can imagine my linen in any of these rooms!

  7. Hi Leigh

    Just checking in with you. It has been so long since I visited your blog - I am not sure why, but you are going to my blog list asap! I love that last image - amazing mirror and lamp!!

  8. Oops - you are already on my list - I have just been out of the loop!!

  9. Hi Leigh, you must be super busy, I know you're moving, congratulations! Also wanted to wish you a happy birthday to my Aries girl! xoc