Monday, February 1

Meet me in Las Vegas!

Welcome to the World Market Center in Las Vegas this week! I am so honored that Papillon Linens is included in the selection of home furnishings to be represented by interior designers, Craig Dye and Donna Johnson. Their new showroom, Postcards Home located in Building A, suite 119 will be open year-round and is incredibly vibrant and beautiful! Please come see us this week for market, or anytime during the year. I will post more pictures later in the week...


  1. HI Leigh!
    I hope you have a great week at market!!!!!!I also have some new pics from Paris to show you. It looks like you're in with some good company in this showroom. I love Tritter Feefer.Peddle a lot!!!!!!Maryanne

  2. Hi Leigh,
    Congratulations! I wish I could come to visit you there!!!

  3. Thank you Greet! What a busy day! Everyone loves the showroom and I am so happy to be there. Wish you could visit sometime, it is a really fun experience!

  4. Leigh, I'm glad to read ervybody likes the show room !! Are you going to meet Jackie from Jackie Blue HOme ?

  5. Hi Mélanie! Yes, Jackie came by and loved the showroom! Juan Montoya was giving a presentation that I wanted to go to with her, but we were too busy at the showroom for me to leave. I'm sure Jackie enjoyed it!