Thursday, January 21

Raining in Las Vegas?

I can't believe it has been raining here, a lot! This is the desert and I knew that it rained occasionally, after living here just over three years - I had given up on rainy days. We would have a drizzle here and there, but nothing like this. It's supposed to rain in Paris or NYC or Seattle, but here? It's making me nostalgic and ready for Paris, so I've been on a shopping spree. Since this is my imaginary trip, I've decided to make it a retro one but with the most up to date essentials.

Agent 99 Trench coat

Bright red rain boots, this is Paris, non?

For nighttime, Dior, of course!

Love this umbrella, you can see where you are going. Maybe a little tourista, but c'est la vie!

Wherever you are, stay warm and cozy...


  1. Hi Leigh!
    Stay dry! It's raining here too! I met Jackie last night. We missed you!Weare going to make you come next year! Maryanne xo

  2. Give my love to Paris and enjoy yourselves!!

  3. I agree... if I must live with RAIN... I want to be in Paris!