Tuesday, December 22

I'm dreaming of a Belgian Holiday

A dear friend of mine was kind enough to send me some photos of his lovely home recently. I had requested them, as I had been enjoying more and more posts on Belgian interiors from other blogs and wanted to revisit my previous trips there. I have many friends there that have the most chic and elegant homes and I am always so amazed at the way they exude such style in a seemingly effortless way. Very much like the French, but uniquely Belgian.

My friend is so charming, brilliant and urbane - so it is just natural that his eclectic and museum quality collections of art, furniture and accessories are a reflection of him.

The home was built in the Art Déco style and filled with many pieces from that era as well as Art Nouveau, Modern Art and 19th century antiques. They blend so beautifully in this warm and inviting interior.

I had so much fun researching the famous artists and sculptors represented here that I filled four full pages of text on them, so I thought it better for me to just leave you with these images to enjoy! Besides, I haven't even started my shopping...


  1. Oh Leigh!
    This home is beautiful and a different twist on the Belgian syle we've been seeing. I love the use of marble in the stairs and also the art deco pieces like the curved radio....Very Nice !!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous home, and a fun post to read. If I had to move back to Europe, no doubt it would be to Belgium. Merry Christmas, Leigh. xo Lidy

  3. Happy New Year Leigh!
    Your friend's place is wonderful, love all the Deco. That entry is to die for!

  4. Thank you all, and Happy New Year!