Tuesday, October 6

End of the Bed

My main focus with home decor is the bedroom, being the linen merchant that I have been for so many years. I wanted to share some of the many styles of "end of the bed" benches & ideas that have made it into my files. This will probably be a two part series since I have so many. I will also be posting headboards and other ideas for "head of the bed", soon. I collect all styles, not just my own style, but there are some really great ideas here. Above, you will see my slip covered design which is what I would call romantic.

Ooh La La, I love this!

I love this elegant iron bench!

Beautiful tufted bench would work in many decor styles.

Elegant country style small settee.

Perfection in poufs!

Even though this is a small bench, once you add the rolled up quilt it stands up to the bold bed!

Double your pleasure - just gorgeous!

If you have the space, why not make a whole seating arrangement?

Probably should save this for the "headboard" post, but I just love this!

Slightly Asian inspired bench - and another stunning headboard.

Simply beautiful!

Love the pairing of the half-wall behind the headboard and the simple wooden bench.

Wicker - always a favorite.

Glamorous Lucite benches from The Paris Apartment.


  1. Hey Leigh! Love these shots, thank you for including my benches!
    I'm loving the 'simply beautiful' headboard. Not to mention that first shot. And I love your bench in white!

    Does everyone know that they can carry that bench and your linens on their websites?

    The coverlet looks incredible too, you're such a great stylist!

    Hey, I want to do a project where women celebrate other women through blogging. Maybe it's highlighting someone from your blogroll.
    Would you be into it?

  2. Thank you ladies! That top photo is completely Papillon Linens, thanks for noticing! I'm right there with you Claudia! How can we start? I'm totally into promoting women, always have been and there are so many incredibly talented bloggers out there! Let's chat...

  3. HI Leigh!
    Great and inspirational post! The first bed is a great portrayal of your product!!!!!! I love it!

  4. Thanks Maryanne! I'm always hesitant to post my own unprofessional photos, but what the heck!