Sunday, February 1

New York International Gift Fair

I just returned after a week of exhibiting at the Gift Fair. WOW! It exceeded my expectations for sales given the economy and the last few dead shows. I had the chance to show my new colors and many new designs. Unfortunately, I take horrible pictures! The worst part of the show was hearing of all of the closings of so many magazines! My favorite "Domino" made me weep. All of the fabulous editors being replaced at Country Living, what are they thinking!? Cottage Living - gone, and the list goes on. I can only hope that when the economy comes back - they will too! My heart goes out to all my editor friends, I will keep you in my thoughts and meditations.


  1. Leigh, I should have known you were behind this!! I met you at market when you had just sold the chandler collection and you were so kind to me...So I was just at market and these items took my breath away...come home to read your website and find out it's you...I saw this bench and was so enthralled..someday..
    anyway my hats off to you for yet another successful endeavor..blessings Jennifer

  2. Jennifer, thank you so much for your heart warming comments! I wish you had stopped so we could have chatted, but I know how it is and I have aged so, you might not have recognized me;-) The bench is very, very reasonable so let me know your email address through my web contact link and I will send the price, I think you will be surprised! Very best to you, and next time stop and see me! Leigh