Tuesday, September 30

Full Circle

It is a bit ironic that I am now doing what I originally started out with over fifteen years ago! I started importing 48 different colors of Belgian linen for a bedding collection and 60 colors of Italian linen for tabletop. The problem back then was that all I could really sell were the white and cream! Customers were also very reluctant to buy 100% linen, being against ironing. Well, I have come full circle now and I have been selling 100% linen for over two years now and 99% of my customers machine wash and dry the linen, so that is not an issue any more. In fact, they love the linen so much that I am now offering it in 34 colors in 1 weight and 78 colors in another! This time the colors are selling! To help with this I am offering linen swatch cards with all the gorgeous colors to have in your stores and design studios. You can order yardage, order any of my bedding styles or my furniture pieces in any of the colors. I will be offering as my stock program - white, ivory and natural, yet have all the colors available for ordering as well. These are beautiful European linens and are in stock here in the USA, so do not worry about long lead times. The cost is fantastic in both the yardage and my made-ups, so let your imagination run wild! Or not, because the look can be the classic style of antique linens or contemporary with color - you now have the choice.


  1. Leigh, I love love your designs. I want to carry them in my shop.

  2. Yes,
    Your designing is really nice,Especially for luxuries houses,Its create a very good impression on the customers.

  3. Thank you so much! It is so fun working with so many beautiful colors, the pictures don't do them justice!

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.